Individual Psychotherapy

At Sanctuary, in addition to our Intensive Outpatient Trauma Treatment, we provide individual psychotherapy sessions for adults (ages 18+) who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events. We also provide therapy for partners and/or supporters of those who has experienced trauma(s) and wants support for themselves.

Ways individual therapy from trauma can be helpful:
  • Provide education to normalize reactions to trauma
  • Decrease anxiety and depression and provide skills to decrease PTSD symptoms
  • Change unhelpful or irrational thoughts and beliefs around trauma experienced or witnessed
  • Identify triggers and establish coping skills and establish a sense of safety
  • Process traumatic memories through evidence-based trauma interventions
  • Process grief and loss around how the trauma(s) has affected your life
  • Decrease feelings of isolation and being alone with your trauma and feelings of shame and guilt
  • Regain personal power over past traumatic experiences and improve daily functioning

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