Sanctuary is an Anti-Racism Organization

At Sanctuary we understand that systemic oppression lives as trauma in the nervous systems of individuals from both dominant groups and marginalized groups. Therapy groups represent social microcosms, and social dynamics play out within the context of the group, including those related to power, privilege, and oppression. Microaggressions in psychotherapy perpetuate culturally oppressive systems and cause long-lasting harm.

At Sanctuary, we are committed to ongoing knowledge seeking, reflection, and action to deliberately oppose and interrupt racism. We strive to co-create programming that evolves out of clients’ ideas and collective feedback. Racial justice is central to what we set out to do in our therapeutic work. Sanctuary encourages BIPOC and white-bodied clients to work collaboratively in a transformative space offering community healing and collective accountability for change. We believe that we can only address intergenerational trauma, complex PTSD, and racial trauma, through practices rooted in anti-racism and social justice.

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